What is it? 

LuminFusion is a supercharged skin treatment which takes skin luminosity to a whole new level and with no downtime you are just left with glowing skin so it can be done just before a special event. 

Who needs it? 

This treatment is particularly good for clients who have dry, dull, dehydrated and aging skins. Unfortunately clients who have sensitised skin with an impaired barrier cannot receive this treatment, clients with acne is a no no and anyone pregnant will have to wait also I’m afraid. 

What it involves?  

This skin treatment has it all!! Starting with the Dermalogica double cleanse and face mapping, exfoliating eye patches are then applied along with a professional grade exfoliant on the remaining areas of the face, neck & chest. These exfoliants are then nanoinfused into the skin via the BT Titan pro pen. Finishing up with a professional mask and red light LED. Your skin will feel fantastic.

What will it do for me? 

  • Improves skin luminosity.
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Instantly reveals radiant skin.
  • Diminish signs of skin aging
  • 1 hr of relaxation and “me” time
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation 

How do I book? 

You can book by sending me a private message, please take into consideration that you will need a patch test 24/48 before hand.

Price is €120 per treatment and although you will feel amazing after 1 a course of 3 (€330) is recommended for optimal results. 

Book an Appointment: 089 2633907